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ABCD Entertainments

ABCD Entertainment


With the development of computing power, algorithms and big data, Artificial Intelligence has made great progress in recent years. Technologies represented by Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud and Big data are giving birth to a new era of “New Entertainment Ecology”. Big data is the energy of the new era. At present, we also see that the dividend of algorithms is gradually disappearing. The next stage is mainly the application of data, especially the application of fresh data, and the continuous improvement of computing power. Data will become the main driver of the business model, and its combination with algorithms determines that data becomes a new form of capital. In addition to capital and human input, data also become an important variable of the growth function.


Along with the application of data, we see a lot of business model change, the essence and core of the AI is the cognition and analysis, is the connection and interaction. In fact, our understanding of the data, is the human based system, in order to acquire knowledge, apply knowledge, the ability to create value and process of Artificial Intelligent closed-loop, more emphasis on data from the data acquisition, extraction, interaction, applications, storage, gain knowledge, through hardware and software, algorithm combining, apply knowledge, will create a new business value.

In the new era of “Entertainment New Ecology”, customers and enterprises create value together, and the business model changes from a single product or service to a model of Data + Product + Service + Content. After-sales service or data tracking after the sale of products or services is a more important link and starting point of business activities rather than a termination. The development of Artificial Intelligence will inevitably drive the continuous evolution and iteration of the entertainment industry. Under the influence of the new “Entertainment New Ecology”, we will find that the overall mode of entertainment service is being reconstructed. The new standard of intelligent entertainment service will be anytime, anywhere, on demand.


The research and development of “ABCD entertainment” by Pacific Fintech Development (PFD) foundation aims to bring the ultimate new entertainment experience to users, and strive to support the demands of the evolution of entertainment intelligence in the shortest time, with the in-depth integration and reciprocity of future 5G and Artificial Intelligence. “ABCD entertainment” focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud and Big data technology, from intelligent customer acquisition, identity recognition, big data risk control to intelligent customer service.

The ABCD Entertainment Advantages:


First, we can have a deeper understanding of users. With the help of massive information, including sophisticated product models, we can achieve super-personalized products and services.


Second, the application of technology will promote business model innovation.

Third, technology applications should expand service boundaries and promote inclusive development. Artificial Intelligence reduces the cost of customer acquisition, operation and risk management of entertainment services, improves efficiency and expands service boundaries, thus making the so-called digital inclusive entertainment possible.

Up to now, people’s entertainment needs, the original intention of entertainment essence is unchanged, but the entertainment service model always changes. With the development of technology, especially Artificial Intelligence, people and machines are relearning and innovating the world, creating new business models, new production methods and new growth space.


With the core of the “ABCD Entertainment technology will boost the development of intelligent entertainment, not only expand the availability of entertainment services, and promote new entertainment in the aspects of risk management, personalized service, improve the capacity to reduce the entertainment service for the guest, operations, risk management costs, improve efficiency, extend service boundaries, pushing entertainment further fall to the ground. Thus make entertainment more equal, to take care of everyone’s entertainment needs, “ABCD Entertainment” is the temperature of the entertainment! “ABCD entertainment” is about to transform the traditional retail business, create a new entertainment business model, improve business revenue.