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As “double 11” approaches, the war of e-commerce platforms have started. However, the traditional retail industry does not want to be squeezed out of the stage of history by doing nothing. Seeking for change has become the only way for the transformation and upgrading of traditional retail industry to rejuvenate.


Faced with the disappearance of the dividend of online flow, the increasing rent of offline stores and the constant increase of labor and other operating costs, major retail enterprises are eager to create a smart business model. Through the application of new technologies and the upgrading of user experience, the offline stores will be upgraded and transformed, the online and offline data will be integrated, and the traditional retail business will be transformed with Big Data as the driving force, so as to create a new business model and improve the business revenue. ABCD Mall will become a new choice of digital transformation of many traditional retail enterprises, and also become the focal point of supply side reform in the traditional retail industry.


In the commercial real estate industry, the importance of Big Data is obvious. In the era of New Retail and consumption upgrading, the precision marketing driven by Big Data will become the focus of whether the mall brands can keep making profits. With the upgrading of consumption in the whole industry, New Retail has become the consensus of the industry, and experience and service become more and more important.

Pacific Fintech Development (PFD) foundation as top rated technology foundation, with “professional, efficient and safe” IT management service concept, and decades of experience in the retail industry. Fully utilize Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud and Big data, to equip ABCD Mall with wisdom, digital, integrated, full retail channels IT management services. This system comprehensive the digital transformation of traditional shopping mall to wisdom mall.


The ABCD Mall is a member channel system, comprehensive online/offline data fragmentation. Through this data insight into consumer behavior, using the customer shopping experience to upgrade the channel member management. Big data closed-loop marketing system will directly increase store traffic for merchants, precision marketing, based on large data and increase revenue.

In fact, the planning and construction of ABCD mall is not only to build the Internet of Things (IOT) system, but more attention has been paid to promote the transformation, upgrading and development of traditional commercial real estate. The transformation of traditional mall, the transition of mall network mode, and how the mall as a whole changes qualitatively to obtain new competitive advantages. “With the slow development of e-commerce and the gradual integration of online and offline, the innovative transformation of physical retail has become the key to market success. In view of the digital transformation of physical shopping malls, New Retail need to be laid out in advance. We have launched the supply chain industry solution, aiming to comprehensively improve the wisdom level of traditional shopping malls in consumption experience, Big Data marketing, intelligent management and other links by using digital technology.


It is reported that the Pacific Fintech Development (PFD) foundation will transform from a traditional shopping mall to a smart mall, upgrade and transform offline stores. Make full use of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud, Big Data and other digital technologies to improve consumers’ shopping experience, create intelligent operation and management mode, and improve business revenue. The Pacific Fintech Development (PFD) foundation builds a unified operation and management platform for the smart mall and provides continuous intelligent operation and management services.


The ABCD mall advantages:


First, customer experience. Through the application of Big Data technology, it can meet the personalized needs of consumers, improve customers’ shopping experience, and help improve customers’ shopping satisfaction.


Second, marketing application. ABCD mall selects different storage strategies according to different formats of data, and then sells goods and services to potential customers in a targeted and large-scale way.


Third, inventory management. Data warehouse can enable managers to track the inflow and outflow of commodity inventory in real time, and accurately grasp the expected market supply and demand dynamics through online data analysis of changes in market supply and demand, develop reasonable production plan, reduce inventory overstock risk, and improve the capital turnover capacity of enterprises.


Fourth, customer management. Technicians use Big Data technology to assess buyers’ credit quantitatively and qualitatively according to their consumption behaviors. Meanwhile, they can also assess merchants’ credit by tracking their service quality and product sales. In this way, both buyers and sellers can comply with the transaction norms as far as possible, thus promoting the benign development of e-commerce trading platforms.


ABCD Mall system has the entire information data, regardless of the breadth, integrity, or user data accuracy are an unique advantages. Under the support of Big Data technology, mall equipment and equipment form a closer combination, forming a large function of the intelligent system, automation and intelligent system. ABCD Mall is about to transform the traditional retail, create a new business model, improve business revenue.