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ABCD Trading

ABCD Trading


The current era is the era of artificial intelligence. The elements of big data that promote the progress of artificial intelligence have filled all aspects of our life and greatly facilitated and improved the quality of our life. From the great convenience brought by smart phones to the overwhelming victory of AlphaGo over more than 60 go masters, these cases prove to the world the powerful charm of big data and artificial intelligence. Many news and examples show that the revolutionary tide of the new era has been overwhelming!


Big data + artificial intelligence is the prediction of the future from the essence of investment. New data brings new opportunities, and AI brings predictive power. In the future, the third wave of Fintech development will focus on cooperation between traditional players and Fintech startups. On 28th March 2017, Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager, announced that it would eliminate some active fund managers and replace them with quantitative strategies. At the TradeTech conference in Miami, 94 of the 100 traders said robots and automated foreign-exchange trading programs would be introduced in the next three years.


From the perspective of market microstructure, the formation and change of stock price are determined by the trading behavior of buyers and sellers. Therefore, the mining of high-frequency market data can obtain the model of predicting the future stock price trend to some extent. The age of big data will make investing easier.

The new ‘new financial ecology’ makes investment easier. The investment and research platform driven by artificial intelligence and financial big data has liberated the productivity to a certain extent. Data – research – back testing – simulation – trading, comprehensive quantitative research system and distributed platform support; Build a one-stop service platform for asset management on the basis of self-owned property right quantitative model; In-depth user profile analysis + leading asset allocation to fully realize personalized and intelligent services. In the process of trading, can be more handy.


Under such a background, Pacific Fintech Development (PFD) foundation focuses on the financial market, grasps the development trend of “new financial ecology”, integrates the elements of artificial intelligence, Blockchain, cloud and big data into the investment in the capital market, and develops a set of “ABCD trading system”! The trial test of the system started in November, 2018, and the profit rate reached a record high, achieving a simple and stable investment target for investors.

The main research direction of “ABCD trading system” includes behavioral finance, and the second is the application of mechanical learning in the financial field. The third is some financial models, especially the financial models based on data. The data sources are mainly structured and unstructured data. The fourth is financial decision-making, which is emotional analysis. How to make some financial decisions with the Internet, including social media and big data? Finally, risk control is the consciousness of how Internet finance can control risks.


Pacific Fintech Development (PFD) foundation’s independent research and development of science and technology “ABCD trading system” is a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, cloud and big data, suitable for gold futures, the stock market, foreign exchange market and the digital currency market trading system. This “ABCD trading system” can help you complete the complex data analysis in the shortest possible time , through a variety of additional strategy to achieve profit maximum likelihood.


The successful research and development of “ABCD trading system” is just like a “sword” in the capital market, which enables ordinary investors without financial knowledge to easily participate in the capital market and turns the investment field of the capital market into a kind of inclusive finance that everyone can participate in.

ABCD trading system advantages:


  1. Rigorous mathematical model trading system
  2. 100 percent execution
  3. Powerful computing power

Investment direction: gold futures, stocks, foreign exchange, digital currency

Expected return on investment: monthly return of 5%-15%+


Awaken Data, Foresee Future.