PFD Foundation | Gold Art Collection (GAC) Fundamental Technology
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Gold Art Collection (GAC) Fundamental Technology


  • The authenticity of art circulation is difficult to distinguish
  • Value Judgment of Art Valuation System
  • The art market lacks corresponding regulatory standards
  • Transaction Difficulties Faced by Centralized Artwork Data Platform
  • Anti-counterfeiting traceability

Prevention methods:


Single physical means——

  • Spraying industrial diamond dust on the surface produces four-dimensional crystal patterns
  • Add tags, such as barcode or passive RFID stickers, etc.
  • Other ways, such as inserting trackers into paper fibers, etc.


Improvement Proposal:

  • Machine Vision+Label Assistance+Block Chain
  • Surface micro-image shooting as anti-counterfeiting label
  • Data encrypted, upload to blockchain, difficult to tamper with
  • Similarly, extracting and identifying, computer comparing and judging the truth and falsehood
  • Advantages: strong confidentiality, high reliability, simple operation

Identification mechanism


Traditional circulation link:
1. During the distribution process, information is tampered with and two-dimensional codes/labels are replaced.

2. Collectors corporate with identify experts to fake high imitations and claim those are genuine;

3. Exchange system data may be modified by authorized personnel or maliciously changed by hackers.


Blockchain system platform:
1. Creators, exhibition halls, auction houses, certification agencies and collectors are the members of the blockchain for decentralization.

2. The creator deposits his certificate, and the circulation nodes such as exhibition halls and certification agencies so that his certificate can not be modified, so he can endorse the trust of artworks in the circulation process.

Transaction process


Art creators, collectors and middlemen are all users of the Pacific Fintech Development Foundation data platform, which provides them with corresponding services.
The trading and services of the Art Data Platform of the Pacific Fintech Development Foundation are all done by using tokens.

Core: Constructing Closed Loop of Trust Ecology

Technical effect


Principle of Similar Counting Points


(1) Robust image registration technology

  • Image registration in different phases
  • Image Registration with Large View Angle Change
  • Large Scale Change Image Registration
  • Multi-Baseline Image Area Allocation Technology

(2) High resolution image mosaic technology

  • Robust Estimation of Multiple Structures
  • Fast Beam Adjustment
  • De-ghost stitching fusion
  • Global non-rigid image transformation