PFD Foundation | Gold Art Collections
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Gold Art Collections

Enjoy the Future of “Hidden Gold” in Art Chain


Economist Keynes once commented on the role of gold: “Gold plays an important role in our system. It serves as the last guard and reserve for emergencies, and nothing else can replace it.”


The World Gold Association reported that in 2018, the official gold reserves of global central banks increased by 651.5 tons, an increase of 74% over the same period of last year, setting a record purchase volume of global central banks for nearly half a century. As the world economy tends to reverse, the legal currencies we use will depreciate, even worthless in the event of a major financial crisis. Just like the bankruptcy of the French currencies of Venezuela, Zimbabwe and other countries, it will be terrible to think about the next financial crisis. Maybe all our bank deposits will become waste paper overnight, since ancient times. There is the saying of “flourishing collection, chaotic gold”. The value preservation and increment of gold has been recognized by human beings.


Pacific Fintech Development Foundation (PFD) is a Singapore based Technology Foundation that uses cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and block chains to build more valuable technology solutions for global customers. Our advisory services can help organizations translate knowledge into tactical insights and make smarter and more timely business decisions.

The technology team of Technology Foundation BlockChain enjoys the future in order to promote art without borders. The Gold Art Chain (GAC) has been created and strategic cooperation has been reached with the Israel Association of Non-ferrous Metals Manufacturers.


According to The Economist, blockchain are ten times as valuable as those of the Internet, and McKinsey believes that blockchain are the core technology of a new generation of revolutionary wave after the Internet.

In this huge and expanding global gold collection market, it is faced with irreversible drawbacks brought about by traditional business models, such as opaque identification data of gold collection, opaque sales information, upstream producers, midstream agents, franchisers, downstream retailers and other stakeholders in the gold collection industry do not interact with each other, thus giving consumers in the selection, screening. Purchasing gold collections faced various problems. The ideal global gold collection trading system should be based on the fair, open, transparent and efficient trading environment of gold collection consultation.


The Global Art Chain Foundation (GAC) has made it possible to build a global gold collection open, fair, transparent and efficient circulation platform, establish a global data center, accurately collect customer needs, break through the multi-industry chain, and link up data based on blockchain technology. It also authorized the Shenzhen Office of China to create high-end gold art collections, mainly to graphically display gold patterns of authorized national art works both at home and abroad. Therefore, it has high collection value. With blockchain technology as the core, the “gold art collection traceability system” should be built so that every collector or collection organization can participate in the process of building the “gold collection” ecology, thus forming a point-to-point “de-centralized” ecosystem. The “economic transmission” has been realized. In this kind of ecological construction, each gold artwork is more “value for money”!


Intelligent contracts create machine trust, constant issuance resists inflation, and provide a good investment way to maintain and increase value. In the future, global gold deposit, consumption interconnection and cross-border industries will become possible. Art chain world, “Tibetan gold” enjoy the future! What are you waiting for? Join us now!