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PFD Charity

PFD Charity


Pacific Fintech Development (PFD) foundation under the leadership of Leonid and Francois, set up the enterprise mission of “Build wealth, Giving back to society”. Since the establishment of the PFD Charity, we have always abide by objective and achieved remarkable results. We always actively advocating charity awareness, charity work. We raise charitable funds together with the relevant government departments in emergency rescue and help solitary, poor, elderly medical assistance, and supporting poor student.

PFD Charity pays special attention to giving full play to its unique characteristics of broad coverage. It has carried out such charitable projects as disaster relief, poverty alleviation, elderly care, helping orphans, supporting education, helping students, supporting the disabled, and helping doctors etc. Gradually, it has formed a huge charitable aid system covering the whole world. In the future, PFD Charity will be more orderly, efficient and sustainable, and continuously improve the work quality and level of the foundation. PFD charity will adapt to the spirit of the times and reflect the characteristics of The Times so that tens of millions of people in need will receive different forms of relief.

PFD Charity




Focus on different disadvantaged groups, to build up a good reputation and to spread the word to the community. We wish to be a pioneer of non-governmental organizations and work with all sectors of the community to make the world a harmonious and diverse society.




To help the disadvantaged groups through charitable donations.
To promote the spirit of helping others and helping each other, and encourage the disadvantaged to actively integrate into society and face life.